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Greg Risley owner of Risley's Furniture & Design

Greg Risley

Owner & Designer

Greg has a passion for helping homeowners create the home of their dreams. Through exquisite interior design and seamless remodeling additions, he creates warm and comfortable rooms that are well designed and you can enjoy for many years.

His love of design stems from a rich family history in the furniture business. In 1904, his great-grandfather opened the Risley Furniture store in Bicknell, Indiana that provided customers with quality, long-lasting furniture.

Greg grew up attending furniture shows with this dad and grandfather that ignited a love of design. He obtained a specialty degree from Worcester College at Oxford in "The English Country House."

After college in 1972, he began designing spaces, and eventually became the president of Risley Furniture in 1979. Customers came from all around to see the inspired rooms decorated at the Risley Furniture store year after year until the store's close in 2010.

Greg is not only an awarded interior designer, but a true resource for new homeowners and established clients, working with budgets small and large. Contact Greg today for a consultation on a home remodel or interior design project.

Risley (center) with his grandfather and dad in their furniture store.


"Whatever our decorating needs, you were always there with the perfect solution, and you always made it fun."
"We want to thank you... for the expertise you've displayed in pulling our project together... it looks so inviting!"
Mary Ann
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